Something I wrote about contemporary society back in june 2013. I was just waking up and it was hard to get over the depression, but I channeled it into something very relevant and pointed…I felt it was worth putting here. no part of dreaming


Tropes And Their Numbers, Pt I

The Gematria is in the following format: Jewish, English/Simple are grouped together as they are correlated. Gematrix was used for all correspondences for reasons of consistency. For those who know nothing of Gematria, check out this page for some gematria sites/info into esoteric. Here is another site to check out for info. About tropes, phrases […]

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    Music video, song is Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling.  Otherwise It’s about the wolf that lives inside of our hearts and how it can be terrifyingly viscous or brave and very kind. It’s also about people that I know personally who have taught me lessons on what it means to be human. ****- the […]

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Conspiracy Of One

Conspiracy Of One The Offspring Red over white It’s one last fatal scene Brought on by someone unseen Moving on their own Bring on the night And bring us all to our knees All are gone and none agreed One who acts alone Nobody wins Nobody hears us fall Nobody wins When it’s done Conspiracy […]

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