esper of the essence

All Tyranny dies ideologically in public before their Actual Fall and effective dismantling. Roles even precede the personalities playing them. An esper knows that to change an ARchon you must start with an Architecture, because the mechanism of arrangement predicts future innovations and their trajectories. Everything has form that attenuates itself differently in response to its environment. And if you can predict the pattern that trajectory of responses will create…if you can form the final shape before it is concieved of in relevance….well, that is an esper of the essence. Always grasping in the dark maybe, but at least they are always grasping.

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Vibes Like Aesir

where is this part of the wheel? no it is not miss fortune’s isle…
do you want to know? so do I….
it is not on yggdrasil, nor in agartha, nor upon the wheel of fortune, nor atop the canopy of the aesir, nor upon the demiurges throne, nor any node of the sephiroth, however, I have heard, if you look at “the places where all the things meet”, you might actually figure out how to find it…

at the center of every intersection is a symmetry, at the intersection of every symmetry is a singularity. “

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