The Unsealed Skar – 6 – Watchtower Report

“Twenty other infants…all deceased before their first year…” Celestial managed, her voice strained with shame. “Katy was the only survivor among them, but all measures accounted her as unexceptional. She was earmarked as a failed subject. The agency involved in the experiment wanted nothing more than to wash their hands of it. Collectively, they planned for all records of her involvement to be shred from official records by a certain date – 2020. But…”


“The Annunaki….you see…the living human who is allowed to enter here has a name among them. In ancient cultures it meant ‘heaven’s chosen representative among man’ – the Anakim. I am the current Anakim…”


“The Ninth sphere is the final order of coherence before sentience is returned to its source at the divine, and no further perceptual lessons are necessary. In other words, the Ninth sphere is as advanced as sentience can get before it becomes in totality, divine, and one with the Origin of All, differentiated no longer. As such, the realm of the Ninth can be seen as the rulers of Kether [1] – they are not the fundament, the indescribable infinite [0, the AIN SOPH AUR] – but they consist of sentience the consciousness of which is so advanced, it is said to be able to craft entire universes – and rule among them. The demiurgos of all creation is he who inherits the throne to the Ninth Sphere.”


Do they think that Earth is an experiment whose time has come? But this is more than just Earth. The spinning white orb, whipping particles through itself like a serrated radioactive chalice, is doing more than destroying anything in a planetary radius. It is harvesting this energy for something, En had decided. It was the only explanation…


“Very few are interested in matters of the occult. In your university, it seems likely that those books rarely saw the light of day outside that dusty old library. But, in my store, none would be considered rare or obscure. The books we sell here are…unique. I don’t think you would know of them. I can tell you are a wise girl, but here we deal in things which your average person, no matter how persistent, could never get a hold of. While they are very expensive books, we are selective of our clientele. You’d have to be very special to read any of the books we have here. Do you think you are special, Katy?”


She painted visions of things from different realities, visions of things yet to come, or of people who existed presently – and her paintings always came to pass, depicting something real. Sometimes they were detailed portraits of histories no living human eyes had ever witnessed – for they occurred aeons and aeons ago


He could see the girl in a way they couldn’t, as mere humans – and impossibly, there was energy bursting out the pinnacle between and above her two eyes – the third eye, resonated with a crown of light in the spirit world, that only he could see. Wings of light, but she was this nobody in a dusty old bookstore….with an immortal soul! What the hell was going on here? An immortal soul? A crown? That made her…a shining one…and yet she was here smiling at him, a mere servant of some low-wage industry, a nobody…? Did she even know….?

KD Chronicles

Perhaps you already know what I’m referring to by now. It’s the so-called ‘God-gene’ possessed by reality benders. In the elder days, they didn’t need to decrypt a person’s genetic code to find those who possessed it. You see, those who had it were considered incarnate divine presences – and that wasn’t our ‘primitive ancestors’ mistaking parlor magic tricks for true power. It would be impossible to mistake a fully manifested Shining One for anything but a superhuman at the least. But the trait has been dormant in humanity for a long, long, long…time.

The Blue Monarch Forum

I have created a forum…it exists, an odd place for the oddlings.

The Illuminati Handler

About a year ago – almost exactly a year ago, in fact – a thread appeared on GLP: I Am An Illuminati Handler. Ask Me A Question. As the handler in question no longer has access to GLP, I have invited him to host Q&A here.