Subliminals: MR MS Hurricane Images

This is an example of ‘subliminal imaging’ that doesn’t attempt to hide itself – its not a secret. However, actually taking the time to sift through this video frame by frame reveals an extremely disturbing narrative that spans thousands of pictures invisible to the naked eye while watching. First of all, check out the unedited […]

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Archtypos Memeticon

Also see: TV Tropes – Playing With Internet Backdraft TV Tropes – Online Personas Iconocan’t entries based on MESMERIZATION ( [link to] – thread will be expanded over time Chances are, the “tribe” you cling to is a mass-produced consumer product The “individuality” you are so proud of is also a mass-produced consumer product.Destroy […]

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The Truman Jitters: Lines and Hooks

This is a metaphorical equivalent of what some of you have called the ‘Truman Jitters’ For some reason, NOBODY understands how ROLES play out It is already done. You work for us as processing models, think tank hivemind group think. We give you the problem, you produce the outputs. We leave the ‘robots’ here to […]

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NLP Scripts: Some Core Examples

See NLP 101 for some basics into the school of thought The Shadow and the Rising Sun (primary purpose: seduction) You know, I was thinking about something the other day…about opposites… …about the whole concept of the Yin and Yang…about hot and cold…black and white…light and darkness. And how opposites are really the same thing…just […]

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NLP 101 An Intro to Neurolinguistic Programming

A paradigm of human subjectivity What is ‘NLP’? Neuro Linguistic Programming Neuro/Nerua: the physiological basis of perception, transduction of electrical signals to perceptual information Linguistic: system of language and symbolic code that attribute meaning to sensory experience Programming: system of producing or predicting patterned responses Reality Modeling Models of reality are subject to certain filters. […]

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Meme Analysis: The Nobody

The way I look at things, The Nobody is as useful as a fairy tale that we enjoy because it allows us to frame our understanding of the world in a different way – essentially, that we like it because it is useful, not because it is real. And yes, the psychological game is and […]

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“Memes Change Reality”

“This is a very interesting idea. Because culture jamming is about changing a culture, and if we can plant a little seed, we can change like a culture. And I guess from genetics we talk about genes, and an organism is made of genes, while a culture is made out of memes. And memes are […]

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Attack on GLP: Screenshots

I took some screenshots from all the different messages sent (that I could find) of the attack on glp in case anybody gets interested or for future research 12/11/14 Spam attacks by an angry known party led to pages of the forum full of one spammed thread, likely conducted from beneath a VPN running some […]

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