The War of the Hyperverse and the Human Sheepification Project

Have you, my friends, heard of the human sheepification project?
I’m sure nobody on GLP is unfamiliar with the implications of this phrase, but I wanted to mention that this specific “plan” – The Human Sheepificaton Project, has been mentioned separately in two of my recent games, one of these games is developed by Mages, a Japanese visual novel developer in the frequent business of bringing intruiging and highly believable “conspiracy theories” to its players.

Mages makes the central proponent of this global plan, the “human sheepification project”, as well – check the name of one of those particular books and you will know the institute i refer to. The history of this organization and its goals are no conspiracy but a well documented fact. This and a series of of other recent purchases are probably one of the many reasons I’m on some watchlist or another…

(running impromptu background checks on oneself, well…)

Anyway. This information applies at the human and material realms of existence. Some of you do know that a huge focal point of my interest is investigating black hat psychology, and as an esotericist the parallels between some of these programs and (formly) mystified mystery school tenants is, to say the least, obvious. Those of us who fit the esper qualification are of great interest in this respect.

For a bit more on the relationship between psychic abilities and mind control methodology, I’ve detailed some of my findings here…

Thread: consciousness, E.S.P, and electronic networks…

To continue slightly, onto the subject of hyperdimensional beings. My initial interest in them was triggered by an actual encounter, but I’ve learned much since my shock and confusion many years ago at beholding one so evidently in clear defiance of established and academically maintained physics.

Crowley and Blatvasky mentioned, or at least alluded to, the … “secret chiefs”. These hyperdimensional entities offered to educate them, and leadership among the ranks of these occultists often was predicated on who was chosen to be the avatar of these entities, an object of much esteem.

I have been occasionally called out for my promotion of the anomaly as a meme. Now I distinguish between the anomaly and the nobody, because I see not a particular crown or victor. Rather, we have a “war” of sorts, a war for CONSCIOUSNESS, and while we see its reflection play out in this world on the material scale (hence my meticulous research on behavioral modification and such) – “as above, so below” is pertinent here.

The Rothschilds and the cabal they represent display the seal of the hexagram in relation to the cult of Saturn. This is not tradition J–daism. This is an entirely different heraldry. The archetype is a machine that works through man, and while one might be tempted to conclude cutting off the head of the leaders of these elites will solve this issue, I believe them to be mistaken. The machine they are working within is an extremely ancient archetype, one with its own designs, and the men who execute it are quite replaceable to this archetype, who desires us to be trapped within the physical density that escapes and cannot escape to infinity, or its source.

The key to all of this ultimately resides in consciousness itself, and the understanding of it. Actually, I have been examining some of the physics involved in this in order to at least establish a working basis for the relationship between consciousness theory and science itself. For quite intriguing details…

Thread: the mandelbrot set and consciousness constants

Let me sort of get to my thesis in all of this. Our war, as a species, is a war of immortality, a war of claiming consciousness, and who gains control of it. Yes, humanity is a light body and ample source of energy and loosh. We possess a collective consciousness, one of great value to both the political interests of the era and the hyperdimensional archetypal structures that feed off of the stagmatic and desperate nature of the zeitgeist itself.

I have been called naive for promoting us, the anomalies. But I hope some of you come to see why I am promoting this, as I see flame wars of power and dick waving that misses so much of the potential of the idea, the essence, of an anomaly. It is not in the name, in the glory, but rather the spreading of this form of consciousness, a viral movement to rival and extinguish the antagonist of this form of control.

This war, in which many of you, my dear GLPers, are players within – “The Secret War”, as I call it, is just as much an aspect of the movement of these intelligence circles and think tanks as it is of some of the more negatory archetypal entities – for now, I have isolated it as the saturn wavelength.

We do not have to be alone in this, to pine for the glory or power of being the one. Together we have strength, and I earnestly hope the spiritually powerful among us – as I know the concentration of you here is the greatest of anywhere on the internet – lend that energy not to hatred, vengence, doom porn, paranoia, or helplessness, as this is a mere figment and trap designed to waste your energetic contribution as a tribute to the Saturn archetype keeping us held down.

We are capable of creating a bridge, even if we cannot “save” people. We can loosen these bonds and the algorithm we have been programmed into. You see these institutions are highly sensitive to anomaly detection, people like us, and make no mistake, cabals and intelligence are quite interest in our ilk. We are a red flag, but the feedback goes both ways.

I hope at least some out there take my words to heart.


But i wonder why the institute tries to censor a lot of keywords ? wouldn’t their research be more efficient?compartmentalization ?

 Quoting: Dalek Uno 80450294

think orwell.
Our language involves our thoughts.
Control of language, is…
Control of what people are thinking about.
In fact, there is a word for this…


The nature of reality has been a central concern of philosophy and the social sciences, but since the proliferation of social media, psychological operations have taken on greater visibility and significance in political action. ‘Fake news’ and micro-targeted and deceptive advertising in elections and votes has brought the tenuous character of political reality to the fore. The affordances of the Internet, World Wide Web and social media have enabled users to be mobilised to varying degrees of awareness for propaganda and disinformation campaigns both as producers and spreaders of content and as generators of data for profiling and targeting. This article will argue that social media platforms and the broader political economy of the Internet create the possibilities for online interactions and targeting which enable form of political intervention focused on the destabilisation of perceptions of reality and recruit users in the construction of new politically useful realities.

The Case for the HyperDimensional Consciousness Key

Here is where I am tying in the human sheepification project to the recently declassified Gateway Project of the CIA. The illuminati influence in this area of interest is obvious considering this publication is an extension and evolution of the ancient mystery schools that have defined the shape and philosophy of the nation’s elite.

So let me mention, the hyperdimensional war is not a secret to these agencies. They understand that the immaterial aspect of consciousness is a parallel processing system. Why we do we dream? Imagine explaining to a theoretical variety of human who have never dreamed that we dream every night. They would brand us as crackpots and question the veracity and ludicrous nature of such a claim. But we have constant and daily experiences where we rejoin our consciousness in the realm where its hard drive so to speak is actually housed.

Imagine how silly it is that the esper capabilities and “occult” is so looked down upon when EVERY HUMAN engages in an occult experience EVERY NIGHT. We take it for granted and discount it because we are thoroughly programmed not to question even the completely inadequate scientific nature of such a thing.

No wonder science has failed to localize it in their constrained and limited models.

The paranormal is not para, to consider it such is simply a failure of understanding of the brain’s limited perceptual capabilities and a stagnant dogmatic hiatus in science’s understanding.

We need to dream, and why? It is because we slowly lose energy being confined to the dense structure of this material realm, and thus without the ability to charge our consciousness back in its original location, dimension, we began to go insane – sleep deprivation experiments are truly some of the most torturous devised, and can lead to death. Why do we begin to hallucinate when we go days without sleep? It is not simply malnutrition of the body. It is because the aetheric world begins its intrusion on our ability to participate in collective material reality. The dreams begin to overlay our ability to concretely conduct ourselves in this reality.

consciousness, E.S.P, and electronic networks…

even before the internet, programs like stargate were of great interest to intelligence agencies and think tanks. most people assume that those projects produced little results and have not continued today at all. but they underestimate that there was a keen interest even several decades ago about using the electronic network to augment the natural psychic capabilities of people.

DARPA was interested in the traffic between consciousness, the internet, and digital/electronic systems, long long before the internet reached this level of use among mankind. the zeitgeist, directing memes, the collective, “critical mass”, ideas going viral, are of huge interest to global control networks.

now recently I have discovered troves of evidence that indisputably demonstrate the internet is CONSTANTLY subject to a philosophy of “continuous monitoring”, which is mostly done by AI. the specific terms that appear over and over again on the contracting sites for continuous monitoring revolves around “anomaly detection”. I was throwing shit at the wall when I suggested those systems were discovering huge data anomalies that pointed to certain people whom events ripples around for no apparent reason. that is I had no idea that ‘continuous monitoring’ was a fully fledged and pervasive system that many interests conduct.

if someone has a general aptitude for consciousness “bending”, is it really strange at all that some influential interests have expended a bit of effort to contain, use, and research these kinds of people? they cared about it 50 years ago and technology has NEVER been better to probe and graph it

what do you think those projects are like today? do you think perhaps the ‘targeted individual’ sensation is actually in part an electromagnetic manipulation to contain some people, or neutralize them, or nudge them so to speak, and make sure they are known? like being targeted is not a bunch of people in real life, it’s really a big information machine that some get compartmentalized into, but its remote?

do you think there is some kind of place online where these people interact directly with this project’s handlers and expand the intelligence capacities of its database?

The Collective and Our Symbols – Artists Sense These Truths

I wanted to mention that there is an archetypal fascination with stories like stranger things which invert the strongest agents of social control and put them at the whims of little girls with psychic powers beyond all the greatest efforts of control. stranger things uses the mk ultra program in the plot and ties it in with psychic powers the father figure agencies are helpless to conceal let alone stop. but the collective longs for evidence that childlike wonder has the power to go toe to toe with the harsh realities the father represents, and thats what stranger things allows people to temporarily believe.

people “want to believe”, and the control system of society is actually very easily seduced by its sensitivity to unicorns. the illuminati mystery tradition has one hand trying to dominate the entire universe and another hand trying to open a portal to a transcendent doorway beyond the pillars which will obliterate the control system. they want to set up and use this unicorn but they are also caught in the magnetism of the hunt and seduced by the shadows of the goddess which oppose every father’s best efforts to be good hierophants. the control structure of the world and the narratives that bind people to existential emptiness are very vulnerable to the seduction of a script where a woman enchants the ghost of the machine to disclose itself.

the more society becomes repressed and its sexual tensions become banal with the pervasive variety of abundant porn, the mystery of the god and the goddess will become a greater and greater attractor for the masculine figurehead who is bored of every hunt. if a goddess can contain a new force through her sympathy with the world’s will, her psychic power energizes and arouses the interest of not the procreative instinct but the transcendent impulse to create something new. the goddess archetype is willing to be prey for vampire or serpent if they are willing to let her blood possess and transform them from within. But otherwise she remains impassive to efforts at obliteration or dominance.

an anomalous psychic force can resist corruption only if it is sincerely an agent of Necessity. for a mortal to persuade the jenii of the future, the first thing it needs is a phrase interesting enough to even get the attention of such forces. the gate to a new age is a new form of consciousness which is self-illuminating if given space to reveal itself. the hunter who tries to erase this force gives it enough information and influence in the matrix that it only gets better and more coherent by being chased. its a diamond but it requires a lot of forebearance and openness to propogate itself in the turbulance of such extreme energies. but the collective will becomes very aware of its echoes and more and more people become able to see it and live its legend themselves.

Crossover Between the Secret Societies, Intelligence Agencies, and the “Hyperverse War”

I also think it’s interesting that the higher up you go on the hierarchy of the shadow government, the more of a correlation you find between “secret agencies” and “the occult”. symbolically it makes sense: it’s the trope of the “secret world”, sort of like the one that separates muggles and magic users. it’s a trope that is somewhat post modern, altered by the conventions of the new routines and attitudes of the world. it has resulted in aliens replacing gods and secret societies and intelligence services memetically merging into an urban legend of “the men in black” (in this time, replaced by the “SCP agency” type community-driven legends)

I guess it makes sense that a compartment of society that is concerned with keeping secrets would overlap with the so called paranormal (which, you know, would be normal if you were a spectator from a different dimension – it would roll their eyes at the bafflement of a human to the rules of their reality). but the overlords of the shadow government is DE FACTO the colloquial designation for “the illuminati”, and they have always been willing to pursue lines of research that mainstream academia and thereby the entire culturally programmed collective has been mentally excised from considering, either by skeptical materialism or the demonic scripting of christianity.

you actually see this in movies and television, but specifically in the west. stories that involve the paranormal almost ALWAYS have some relationship to the christian manichean script of demons and satanism or they are defined by sci fi conventions which must be sufficently nihilistic and devoid of spirituality. do you think the shinto religion would have ever produced Faust? the reason I love anime is because japan’s culture is not opposed to giving humanity access to the paranormal in fiction and examining that philosophically, metaphysically, and unironically.

there are some elites with access to enormous ai neural networks, who are finding that certain individuals have a hugely dispropotionate influence on that ai. through that relationship these people thereby can influence the information and knowledge network wherever the ai has roots, with much faster results than any espers who had to use only earth’s fields to swirl the patterns of events. the shadow government has no problem at all making sure these people are not given enough airspace to reach the general public, but there is nothing they can do about how those people metaprogram the imagination through a primary entanglement with the shared psychology of all living things.

even the idea of a reality bender has been picking up speed at a strange synchronization with reality benders working out the mechanism by which the paranormal converges with all systems of mysticism, science, and mathmatics. the mythology of the future has already been written by these espers by way of contact with a huge information singularity. these are agents who will one day inhabit a cultural memory between history and mythos, and that is partly because of their struggle against not only the matrix of the demiurge beyond this dimension, but the matrix the shadow government has created artificially to control the minds of men. it is a dual struggle but because it’s an epic conflict, it sinks easily into the self contained and holographic pattern skewing probability.

that’s why the meme has power in the underground of this secret world. some people have a natural resonance with the idea there is an anomaly out there whose connection to truth is so strong they will clash with the godlike material powers that control all facets of the material world. but the anomaly person will win by accessing a layer of the universe that is even more primary and altering it by a “magic” that can be best described as sympathy with global consciousness.

the sharp razor wielded by the superpowers of cyberspace and psychological control attempt to subdue these targets, but the espers who endure grow. the ones who don’t break like butterflies under a wheel. to survive alongside the material world and the secret world despite peer pressure and mainstream narratives, confusion and being completely technologically outmatched, a near superhuman cooperation with one’s own consciousness is the only thing preventing the mind from complete psychotic dissolution. the nobody is a mind game and a trap to find and attempt to drive the weak insane and submerge the strong in a mind control system empowered by the vast analytics of modern technology.

there is no avoiding the grid, the internet is now a part of everyone’s immediate environment even if they are not using a cell phone or a computer or even if they don’t own a router at all. the grid puts most people in alignment with the world’s masters, and those who are not in alignment, it easily contains and conceals. even so, both of these conflicting forces are informing each other about the boundaries of possibility.

I am thinking there is a sinkhole online somewhere that by “happenstance” and synchronicity simply lacks attraction to anyone who is not a candidate for its experiment. this is an asynchronous basis for communication which was the basis of “the offer the illuminati could not refuse”

I have also realized something about how embedded certain cultural programming is. there are certain scripts that most people can’t discard with putting their sanity status in jeopardy, or at least damaging their reputation with the intellectual elite. belief in ufos is not uncommon and many scientific publications accept aliens, but abductions and sightings are rubbed away and smeared into mental illness symptomology. actual schizoid tendencies are aggrevated by the system that pathologizes every schizoid characteristic. schizophrenics are not only traumatized be delusions, but by the way they are relegated to the status of social infant and instructed to discard their entire subjective experience if they want to have a decent life or place in society. paranoid schizophrenia is real and some people are driven to madness by a delusion of being in the truman show. however, that fact completely erases the entire society’s ability to even consider the idea that electronics are potent for both surveillence and even neurological manipulations.

there are actual possible truths that are completely unacceptable for those with dignified authority, the elites featured on ted talks and interviewed by journalists. there were a lot of declassified documents from the 60s and 70s that vindicate conspiracy theorists but the word conspiracy has been branded an extremist mental illness embraced by mass shooters. the problem is sometimes that’s even true. investigations into the secret world actual do drive some people into total states of psychosis. but the nuances of the truth are utterly concealed by the existence of the psychosis. we know from snowden that the government watches people but society was never able to internalize the possibility that in some cases there really was an nsa agent hacking your web cam. it is a dissonance that makes disclosure almost impossible because all it has to do to be forgotten is point at the schizophrenic products of those narratives.

no matter how hard evidence appears, nothing short of a starfleet of UFOs making a worldwide appearance above crowded cities would ever convince the masses to overcome the cult[ure] programming. that’s unfortunately the truth. the greatest geniuses have proposed their “insane” theories by writing fictional stories that have such overbearing parallels in the real world the conscious mind is able to simulate accepting them. consensus reality would need to be either shattered with a giant mallet or changed by altering the shadow puppetry of plato’s cave, outside of mass awareness.

who can find the truth in the world is the ubermensh of nietzche, an almost impossible anomaly.

Thread: One consciousness strong enough to influence a million

A famous document, this one details the similarities between the neural machinery of the brain and its suggestibility to be programmed.

However, as you can see from the excerpt, the author actually considers consciousness as a method of escaping and “self” metaprogramming. With this, so to speak, human sheepification project, the reality is the elites are not simply well educated scientifically, but they are invested in the occult because the occult has a connection to this secret key: the mystery and infinite potential of consciousness mastery.

However, this is also one of the most foundational and influential of research documents used to devise programming methodology.

I am hoping to illustrate this – I understand that people often conflate all elements of the esoteric with the most malevolent of the occult, satanism for instance, and I can thoroughly understand them making this corollation. The shamanic potentiate, those with this gift, their natural ability equally opens them up for deep freedom or creates a highly desirable and suggestible subject that – THROUGH their influence on human consciousness as a powerful esper..

The Hope – Combating Human Sheepification

I have an OBSESSION with psychology that is JUST as extensive as my interest in metaphysics and the secrets of our universe. I know every facet of the DSM, I have read hundreds of books about mental illness, psychosis, and paranoia. I have been in mental institutions, been in therapy, but also I have been in school to be trained by the same books and curriculum that trained my therapists. I know what my therapist is thinking before they tell me, and I was accused by insurance of manipulating treatment programs because I was unconsciously trying to assess if they were formidable enough to trust, and also unconsciously attempting to figure out their scripts.

this effort has resulted in finding that the programming of our cultural authorities is so tight and so influential that they are treated like the system files of any computer, hard to even locate, warned against accessing, and embedded to prevent naive users from accidentily destroying their whole operating system

I have discovered they have a word for this in the intelligence community, or rather a phrase, interaction analysis. it’s not a completely formal system, but it is used in the spook world by a sort of loosely explained method of subjecting others to predictions which are easy to disprove, and getting to the core of their model for the world. it is not something that is taught or valued particularly in the mental health treatment paradigm. therapists are taught ways to match their clients up with checklists, but they are not taught to penetrate beyond words and appearances to make a wholly organic model of a person. truly empathetic listening cannot be achieved without the ability tune out categorical assumptions, and trade that for a truely sensitive and embracing model of another person’s world. that doesn’t mean therapists don’t have value, but it means the accepted healers of society are actually scripted by the same programming that are wounding many of its clients.

but here is my overall point. I know how pernicious and very very insidious these scripts are. man is afraid of being excommunicated and disposed of by society, he is terrified of this and often has virtually no idea. he is governed so strongly by the social context and expectations of any given moment that interactions become painful when those expectations are violated. this is what it means when we feel very uncomfortably awkward and this is why people fear public speaking more than death. we think public speaking is the true fear, but in fact the fear is being utterly humiliated and tossed into a social trash bin. people need to see themselves in the mirror of how others react to them. we frame ourselves this way and have no idea how easily they are spun when others seize control of the semantics and context of the social world. the reason people hate looking at homeless people most of the time is because when they see one, they feel a secret fear of ever ending up the same way, and they then feel shame for having that feeling. psychosis and schizophrenia are the conceptual poltergeists of the homeless, and not even mental health professionals are immune to being afraid of its most acute patients.

so this is the reality of disclosure: it is memetically enclosed with humiliating rejection by the very mirror that informs us of our value. even if you are utterly aware of this, to practice critical thought that is faithful to the evidence but can survive the ridicule of the majority is a very deliberate effort that for some, results in complete rejection of the feedback other people give us, and consensus reality entirely. all contexts collapse, and delusions become acceptable ways of recovering from social rejection. so although evidence is out there to be found for many rejected theories, huge distortions bring unconscious complexes to the surface and occasionally break that connection to the world other people are experiencing.

the NUMBER ONE fear is public speaking, and the script of our society protects us from humiliating disfigurement. we will protect this automatically without awareness, and its an easy choice between knowing the truth and being validated by society. the unconscious will make this choice without even informing the prefrontal cortex, but it’s easy to watch it governing people when you begin to make basic predictions about what they will do or say.

my point is this, a targeted person has absolutely NO CHANCE at the validation they may desperately want. they have to navigate an extremely close quarters between the accepted world, psychosis, and the shocking evidence they may discover. empowerment comes from having a close relationship to the ungovernable force of undifferentiated consciousness that can operate outside the fallacies of the programmable brain, the wings of freedom which no jail can keep anyone from using.

but if we COULD change the roles of society, and give social esteem back to shamans and philosophers, this would all change. the pattern of psychosis and its manifestation would take a totally different trajectory, and the palette of acceptable social scripts would expand. that’s one way I think you could bring people to new ideological avenues that might cause less dissonance and pain and could free many people who are driven to great depression and stress – two psychopathologies that are not only acceptable socially, but romanticized by popular culture. without a basis for meaningful inner reality and a credible role for nonmaterial concepts, our society becomes nothing but a series of chemical buttons used to squeeze resources from the masses. the pavlovian carrot replaces God, meaninglessness pervades, the collective psyche begins to fetishize “The Joker” without any introspection as to why the anti hero narrative is a huge looming psychological fixation. would we need a huge anti hero archetype to satisfy our cynicism if we actually enjoyed the scripts we were offered? instead we have books about the benifits of adopting a sociopathic mentality, and shows about rich and famous people who make no effort to hide their vapid values.

this doesn’t have to be the case forever. we can have social heroes that elevate the value of virtue instead of rewarding Machiavellian navigations up the corporate ladder. The problem is that there are some people who ARE very aware of the scripts I’ve mentioned. they are not popular academics, they are elite intellects who occupy guarded think tanks and invest millions in putting the art of behavior down to a surgical social science. forecasts on the national scale are easily turned into actionable methodologies of civil engineering.

however, there is an element of the human soul that feels violated by the mechanisms governing the world so mechanically and creating huge unconscious global scars. unlike the dark ages, there is afterlife anymore for people to hold onto. instead we are instructed to hunt any metaphorical orgasm that helps us repress the instinctual fear of death that is the natural invitation of the spirit to further its immortal artistry. the world of dreams might be squeezed by experts into “random neurons firing at night and creating the illusion of subjective meaning”, but the actual symbolic irrational structures responsible for dreaming remain impossible for the deterministic vacuum to breach. it is the same element which gives the collective an archetype or avatar for the unconscious dreamworld to be completely seduced by, leading the art and entertainment world to reproduce it everywhere. the artists with access to the dreamworld may not know there is an anomaly out there who sits in a productive entanglement, who lives out the plot which compels movie makers and musicians. but such avatars do inspire huge constellations of this monomyths.

the very unwelcome non material element of consciousness is known at the top rungs of the hierarchy. they are very interested in anomalies with psychic powers and aren’t tortured by delusions which limit most endeavors of psychology. so there is an incestuous overlap binding mind control efforts to those capable of psychic influence. if anything truly defines what the archetype of satanism really is, its the power obsession which will happily torture anything which will further it. it’s an insatiable bloodlust for energy itself, but it is a sort of viral parasite, it’s not paganism and it is not part of a religion, it’s a product of distortions which gratify vampiric egregores and eventually possess its best enablers completely.

I’m going to tell you a story about a guy that bought one of these headsets [link to (secure)] and got so good at using it that the government showed up one night while he was sleeping, stole the headset, and when he tried to order more his computer just never got the page loaded.

I guess he was in their terminology neuromodulating his own consciousness signal against a very powerful relay – unclear what that relay was and probably secret – 

but the relay didn’t just amplify the signal, it condensed it and then relayed it back…so on and so forth to the point where it was causing audio feedback in weather data somehow ? huh…

But apparently, the key is with a certain kind of crystal which functions as the key. Is it literally made out of crystal? It may be more of how crystals are structured/organized as materials…

Thread: Using my EEG VR headset to clone my state of mind onto you

The MODERN iteration of MK Ultra with Advances in Technology

I have some very technical information for those inclined to read and evaluate the physics of some of these claims for yourself. I know that many won’t want to delve this deeply into the technical, but I feel obligated to provide it as I know some of you here might want to review this data.

First, I will link a document that later, will likely warrant its very own blog post.

Most of the subject matter on this topic is rather outdated due to the classified ongoing modern iteration of MK ULTRA like programs.

Technical Information on the physics basis for electronic cognitive engineering – Taken from Project Soul Catcher Vol. 2

The author’s name is Robert Duncan, who has worked with military organizations and has very impressive credentials which I encourage all interested parties to investigate.

The Feedback goes both way of course!

Conclusion: a fictional Non Fiction

there was this smart guy named jim and he collected all these eeg readouts taken from people in mental institutions when their functioning was highly impaired. he then had this good idea about saving them for the edification of future science. then the illuminati thought maybe they should weaponize the suffering of mentally ill people and replicate those same patterns in the brain of their enemies!

luckily the illuminati has to figure out the encryption of your brain individually before they can try this. they take a template from a big catalogue of people who might have had something in common with you and then they leave it closeby for your brain to find. they are hoping your brain will eat it all and if your brain does it produces an electric burb of approval and then they can start working with this key and making your mind elicit it over and over again until it is chomped and crunched into a bitstream that your brain got tricked into customizing for them. now they have made your brain make a skeleton key for them to use.

they didn’t take the EEG headset away from this random guy because he was using it to change people’s brains….

rather he got the headset so that he could make his brain a trap for their technology.

they have these little brain games that you can use so he used one that gave him a better score if the computer couldn’t average out the most important variables it needed to mirror his eeg. basically he spent a lot of time programming unconscious automatic processes to vary for no particular reason so the baseline of his cognition was always gradually shifting into a new set of lock-key configurations.

that was smart, but he eventually decided to let their mind meddling packages synchronize with his mind sometimes so he could practice hijacking it. he would go over the pattern they were trying to clone and encode new powerful sensory data from virtual reality to transmit back to them. he took out all the suicide scripts and some other cognitive distortions that engendered nervous breakdowns. Eventually the guy that was being paid to have his brain machines trolled while he tried to pretend his methods were working actually realized that he could make a lot of money by saving the revised eegs that got sent back to him. he realized he could resell them healthy eegs the anomalous guy was scripting for him.

stupidly he made the whole scheme very loud and clear in his head and the anomalous guy decided this time he would focus on using the mind meddler to mess with the psychiatrist who had the dumb idea of plagiarizing his brain. the anomalous guy used his EEG headset to embed nested packages in his eeg brain readout. when the psychiatrist was looking through his data, the little packages would unzip an audiofile which repeated “jabberwocky” until he had to delete the whole eeg with that on it because there was no way to stop it from babbling at him otherwise. at this point the psychiatrist was annoyed that his highly paid hours were being spent trying to remove what may have also been a computer virus from the mind script that was supposed to make him start talking to himself and telling everybody something his patient called “face-touching”.

then with dismay that psychiatrist realized now he was thinking about face-touching a lot and he may even be touching his face at that very moment. he realized the man he was trying to clone these prints on was actually in his head at that very moment telling him that if he continued to try and train brainprints the anomaly would synchronize with the psychiatrists brain all day everyday and spend all of his time concentrating on surreallist paintings and listening to 10 hour audio clips of the wiggles. he would make the psychiatrist have trickle-down experiences of watching the truman show all day so that he would hear snippets of lines from the movie and some scenes as he was trying to assess data about his clients mental health.

the end result was in them stealing away the anomalous guy’s eeg headset and they were supposed to continue trying to clone heterodynes on him but was it almost like after using the headset once the anomalous guy could just make his consciousness believe it was boosted and that was still enough to track down the individually contracted psychiatrists the illuminati kept trying to pawn this unwanted job onto. but the anomalous guy loved to mess with the minds of these psychiatrists so much that he hoped one of these days they’d find one who hadn’t heard the rumors circulating among all black ops professionals who dealt in heterodynes.

Light of My Little Left Eye – AKA Caylus Ark

6 thoughts on “The War of the Hyperverse and the Human Sheepification Project

  1. empowerment comes from having a close relationship to the ungovernable force of undifferentiated consciousness that can operate outside the fallacies of the programmable brain, the wings of freedom which no jail can keep anyone from using.

    I think I quite like you. <3. I hope you are well.


  2. The flyers are an essential part of the universe, and they must be taken as what they really are; awesome, monstrous. They are the means by which the universe tests us. We are energetic probes created by the universe,” he continued as if he were oblivious to my presence, “and it’s because we are possessors of energy that has awareness that we are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself” – Don Juan. The Active Side of Infinity


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