Recent Finds: consciousness/esoteric

The links below are full pdfs for you to read, a short excerpt or description accompanies each of these. These files are quite rare.

A World Within a World – X-7 Reporting 

Consider this extraordinary and powerful thought – that Time and space are not fulfilled til human consciousness has expanded into ethereral space. No wonder that Heaven worlds are watching Planet Earth with such intense interest, for it is the training ground of the 10th Hierarchy, the divine archetype, and mankind has now reached the tremendous threshold when he can take the refining step into cosmic consciousness, not merely for his own redemption but for the fulfilment of the Universe! This planet is a precious seed-point from which a transformed universe can issue forth when the attribute of God, the Hu-man Being, the shining one, through his own initiative and decision lifts his vibration to merge with the Ocean of Life. This is the great step in evolution when Mankind by conscious choice in inner activity opens soul to the creative activity of the all-present spirit.


The keys to the Outer Gateways, the modes of unsealing the Cells of Set or the Tunnels of Tutulu repose in the Sovereign Sanctuary of the O.T.O., their use varying according to the levels of consciousness involved. The only way of acquiring these keys is, in a sense, by becoming them. This is to say, their acquisition depends upon the ability of the initiate to mould his astral consciousness in forms — frequently zoötypical — of the magical zone he intends to penetrate. Zos (Austin Spare) used mainly feline forms, Crowley on the other hand often utilised bird shapes such as the hawk and the ibis. The distinction is significant. The temples of the Egyptian cat goddess Bast were dedicated to the Moon and to the Meon (the Stars). The temples of the Horus hawk or falcon, to the Sun; those of the ibis-headed Thoth to Mercury. The magical formulae corresponding to these levels are, respectively, of the VIII°– the IX°+ , and of the VHI°+ , 14 but this analysis reveals but a single interpretation of such formulae. The solar attribution, via Horus, might for example with equal validity be referred to Mars, thereby changing to XI°– the formula for Horus.

 Nightside of_Eden 

Famed occultist Kenneth Grant continues his explorations of the left hand path in the compelling study that begins with the evolution of the Sephiroth of the Quabalistic Tree of Life. He delves into the almost unknown nightside of the tree ,finding evidence of extraterrestrial dimensions that, even now, stir our group unconscious in potentially dangerous ways. We must understand these powers, says Grant, for if they are not controlled, the violent disruptions which are already overtaking civilization will become pandemic.

Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian Mythos

What is this Typhonian Tradition and how is it linked to the Merovingian/Grail Bloodline and the Priory of Sion as described in Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh’s book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail?

Jung, C.G. – The Red Book

theatre of magick


Hermetic Equation of Ascension

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