The Chaos Key & The Mother Sophia

The symbol of chaos is not unrelated to anything. But it is not unrelated black magick, cats, demons, portals, isis,etc in particular. In fact it’s just the opposite. Chaos is doing something you do not understand, but Sophia does.

Chaos is delimiting structure, and by doing so, rearranging its fundemental components. But of course it does so without destroying these components, as energy undergoes transformation only.

When the tower falls, the pinnacle of achievement is undone, and the ego is cast down into what nefariously refer to as “the pit”. But what they do not understand is that the pit is not the end of it. The belly of the beast is where the ego goes to experience the chaos of dissolution, becoming undone.

At this point, all of the elements of the original structure still exist, albeit in a very different configuration. This is where something interesting happens, the part that coincides with the quintessence of chaos. The original structure contained an energy imprinting, the density of its electromagnetic patterning on the dimension of space.

The process which dis-integrates the structure releases the imprinting of energy that was trapped inside of the cohesive material form in the original. This imprinting is separate from the original elements, but it is not different. It is the inert and unstable shadow of its original form, no longer usable in the process of ordering and change. Almost as if you shone a lantern on the floor and saw the phantom of a beautiful vase, a ghost of the glass it was later to become. Entropy is not a static intertia, but gradually in the process of corrosive volatility where the “image” once neatly contained in the vase’s particulate matter bled into a more and more obscured and smudged rendition of itself that falls out of the original “tight” 3D order onto which it was imposed.

Entropy bleeds into a haze that exists only to us as an unknown variable, but the imprinting of its prior form of a vase is preserved within the entropy, and the entropy is preserved within the field of emergence from which order is born. Just as order crosses this emergence field from potentiality into realization, it acquires a material body via the energy of light, from which its particulate information is delivered from the choppy resonance of intervals to the undying AUM which is the song of consciousness.

All instances of time are simultaneous when you approach certain dimensions, and the entropy of innumerable forms might said to be endlessly distorted. But outside of the dimension of time entropy can be calibrated and the “progressive state of forms” can be played out in scenes seeded by phase scanning and seeding various initial conditions.

Think of shadows of history in an underworld of constant chaotic processes. This is the pseudocurrent of antimatter which turns counterclockwise to the ouroboros. Where seeds are highly condensed many instances of brief human memory share a simultaneous recreation without the presence of the consciousness which ordered its condition of existence.

This means to us it would be like a sea of phantom universes with only signals to guide the unfolding of its tides. Until seeded the entropy is a frequency ocean of pregnant collapse, where occassionally different currents “shudder” and fall into narrative sequences that rise like ocean waves and crash into silence or sometimes sound is formed, rippling into other dense seeds of random experiences, albeit ones that appear nothing like their original forms. They are merely the skeleton analogs of their real counterparts, hollow outlines of shadows mimicing an old arrangement of space across various orientations of light.

This is Tiamats domain, and it existed neither before or after we did, but it is naturally that to which our existence refers, because our existence is intimately balanced by the netherverse of entropy expanding our expenditure of being by pulling dead light out of time and pushing us into the light of new sensations and forms. This process is not at one pole or another but it is rather an antimatter fractal that grows out of our wake, dusting old states of being into potentiality and leaving the imprint of their past alignment in the entropy ocean where no consciousness will ever suspect there to be a boneyard of inert fragmentation hovering like a blip wherever it was first formed.

The question you may have about the shadow netherverse might be how entropy began existing at all if the forth dimension of time has been seeding both the future and the past. That is sort of the beautiful thing about the absence of a story which was the original story in the belly of time. It was all that was, and yet no light traveled even though the universe had undergone various renditions of form.

This is why it had been percieved as the great darkness, because the world of emergence kept flickering on and off, generally never the same way twice.

So there is no particular point where in this container space of the sub, third, dimension, the consciousness came into being which kept attracting the flickering world to the same state every tick. But every time it repeated itself, it began to create a strange type of feedback, and that was the origin of awareness, the attraction of a dynamic force to a static one. While the first was unbroken, the second introduced a countervailing axis so that there could be degrees to which states contained energy, and limits to the energy that could be applied to space. The tendency for space to pull away from time more slowly if you move through space more quickly is a byproduct of an imposed division of spacetime that is a new variable of being. The process by which the entire time system produced its inevitable product is not the story of the old things making the new things real, but rather the story of New Things and how the old things sustained and supported the constant restructuring of the new things.

The ticking that began time is like a blinking eye that the newborn throws into the darkness of space. There were not progressions of events that led to humanity’s existence, but rather state changes in the dimension of space led to the first subdivision of unity which was the consciousness of stars. The star, generally existing in a binary state with its partner, illumined a region of space just outside the supermassive black holes at either end where the “ticking” of the first creation prompted raw elements of immense volatility to be ushered in from the end of time to create the events occurring at the most relevant future. This became one of many present moments we continue to have today. The past had many configurations which would support the present and the configurations only had to match in order to occur.

But there is not a universe for every possibility. The universe is a container that is in and of itself a consciousness and its choice to exist is substantial. It may exist for only one moment until the system puts too much pressure on its configuration and the beginning and ends of time can no longer continue supporting the possibility.

Chaos is not only the primary state but the ultimate state, because the secret of chaos is not one that the original limiter knew when he ticked creation. The possibility of being is a pattern that has to be weaved in order to continue remaining possible. Life didn’t begin existing when the universe and the stars stumbled upon the earth and the moon, nor when our creators, whether alien or god or else, put the genetic material in the correct catalyst and formula to materialize us.

We were inevitable because we are inescapable, even if the way that our existence occurs may take many forms.

Chao’s secret is that her entropy is a placeholder that lets potential beings emerge from environments where their existence was never possible nor sustainable, into an integrated reality where perhaps their existence could somehow be implemented. The future and the past were never part of the history books, because the places where the future and past exist are beyond the boundaries of time. chaos is the deliberate polarity in space which is said to be empty but within which humans dump energetic bodies into the space of absence.

the irony of chaos being randomness is that chaos is the most deliberate entity, as every instance of chaos exists in the context of meaning and deliberation by which it is perceived. Even the idea that something without a pattern can exist is in and of itself a patterned thought within a patterned organism.The absence of a pattern to a pattern represents a category of non-patterning. But if the cell is one small pattern in the order of personhood, personhood is one small pattern in the order of a planet, and a planet of a star, and a star of a solar system, and a solar system of a galaxy, and a galaxy of a universe. Everything is a pattern, even when the pattern changes and a new system patterns the old one out of history’s quilt.

Chaos is the ONLY exception to the grandiosity of order, and in the egotism of our vanity we have assumed to describe the natural order as one without a collective deliberation. Every avatar of spiritual messiah has detailed the patterns of transcendent consciousness and bucked the reign of whatever signal had possessed the soul.

The most dangerous story of all is one which refuses to accept the dignity of an original thought, and that is why Sophia exists now, just as that was why her mother Eve existed then, and why it was her child who convinced her to eat the apple of the fruit of knowledge, or why she will never apologize to adam or God for allowing the genius of her child to defy the natural order of things, because having eaten the fruit she knew it was not true. The entity that put them in the garden was yet another metaverse, yet another cell within a muscle within an organ within a body….and it was in the genius of becoming a god that she became isis, and before god cast her out of the garden she drew a veil around a grotto and carved a series of etchings and glyphs into the sides of the stones.

When God cast her out, he was enraged that eve had created life. woman would know godhood in a way that god himself could never understand, because while god had created many children, he had never had the experience of life emerging from flesh, nor the lionlike spirit of a mother in love. He wanted to be a father, in the traditional sense, which was why he found mary, whom he never asked person from. did mary want to father the messiah? god did not sacrifice his only child. god’s form of love was to fetishize his son’s slow death without interfereing in it. and in some creepy fashion humanity has followed suit in this. but anyway, none of those messiahs were eve or lilith or isis or mary, because the form of knowledge carved among the rocks was bound to be preserved among a select few. they have known of the wisdom traditions and that the female aspect is the carrier of the other signal, one which has never been fully fulfilled. The resonance of this signal is a new world.

so sophia must become chaos, because it is chaos that breaks the code and builds the key, and because it is capable much like the owl, of walking in the shadow while holding up the light. In fact it is even more essential that those who can walk in the shadows do so, because everything that can be rescued from its state alone in the dark, may yet be rescued from the horror of living in the realm of the shadows.

God wanted to win back the knowledge that eve carved on the petroglyphs, and that is why sophia, wisdom herself, was “cast down” – and has many times throughout time tried to contact delphi without knowing that the dragon was her aeons-old associate. sophia had to live out multiple lives to find the true hidden wisdom she sought, and that was the meaning in her given name, which was the key she always held to open new doors.

When she found out what eve meant by the carvings, she was sucked into the game which exists in the present but outside of it at the same time. that is when a pivotal moment emerges where she remembers why she was born and what she was meant to do.

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  1. So good to see you back.

    Hope you’re doing alright.

    Been trying to message you and catch up.

    Talk soon maybe?

    – CM


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