Conspiracy/Alternative News

Disinfo – According to the site’s own about page, Disinfo is a news page publishing articles about ‘information you didn’t know you needed’. Part alternative news site, part investigative journalism, the content here broaches a wide variety of topics that you probably won’t find in many other places. – Disclose is a ‘truther’ website that – instead of featuring news articles, publishes videos that relate to the strange, paranormal, or generally conspiratorial. Personally, I’m not big on videos, as I’d rather read, but this is a great source if you’re looking for something trippy to watch.

Extinction Protocol – This wordpress blog is a wonderful archive of Earth’s increasingly strange and extreme geologic and atmospheric activity. To understand the amazing array of catastrophic weather, ecological, and seismic events taking place across the globe, stop by here to put things in perspective.


Surfing the Apocalypse – a news conspiracy site that reads similar to an alternative news bulletin board. Unlike Lunatic Outpost, Above Top Secret, and Godlike Productions, this one is a bit lesser known and for that reason government shills are less likely to be lurking here. On the other hand, there is less of the esoteric and paranormal stuff here – doomy news is the theme

CTCantina – An interesting conspiracy forum; many users here are ex Lunatic Outposter’s, and ex GLPers as well. For this reason, there are some threads on this site that actually investigate the conspiracies within well known conspiracy sites – exposing some of the dubious events going on at sites like GLP and LOP. Again, since it’s away from the ‘big three’ (GLP, ATS, LOP) there’s far less concern about shilling and spying here.

Godlike Productions – One of the most well known, loved, and hated of any conspiracy forums. Enter at your own risk. Despite the behavioral research, government shilling, and malware infections that go on here, it is still the biggest ‘melting pot’ of all conspiracy forums, with the highest userbase. That means there are gems amidst the crap – although there’s quite a lot of crap. Some posts on this site about GLP: my Investigation,  GLP Bans, and deleted threads

Lunatic Outpost – Many consider LOP to be the spiritual successor to GLP, with a similar layout and structure. Content-wise it is relatively similar, except for the fact that ‘religious’ related topics are relegated to a sub-forum. Many users banned from GLP migrated to this site, but over time rumors spread about how LOP suffers from government surveillance, shilling, and data mining similar to GLP. It is also rumored that LOP, GLP, and ATS are all owned by the government.
Here’s an interesting thread on LOP from CTCantina: I think it’s time we ended this charade

Above Top Secret – Above Top Secret is the third of the ‘big three’ conspiracy websites, and generally the posters here are more serious and skeptical then the ones on LOP and GLP. Unlike the aforementioned duo, ATS is featured in more of a news feature layout then a melting pot forum. The discussions here are a bit more slow moving, but the users have much more rigorous standards for credibility. Nonetheless, rumors suggest that this site is also under surveillance.


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