World Seeds and Water Bearers

What’s the significance of the poet?

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Thanks for the perfect lead in question I did not realize was there until I posted this lol

So the water bearer, Aquarius has a chalace graal and brings divinity’s sign in the form of the rebuilt temple of solomon springing forth from a fountain where the Water Bearer’s cup acquires a lifelike quiescence…he carries not only the body of the ‘grail bloodline’ on his back but he is the messenger that the ‘pattern’ is amidst involution and we are the deciding factors in the new shape of the weave.

John the Baptist character…the Water Bearer prepares mankind by bringing a mustard seed for every man who would likewise seek to cultivate their own fountain…but he brings the fire of doubt, a painful intensity in all things, to those who plant the seed without bearing any water

and when the seed is grown is it a child of the graal or do we become the angels of the tree, messengers who bear water and pluck fruit but never intersect our worlds…?

this time the water we bring to our seed will make an entirely new fruit for you to try….the fruit of your own labor so to speak…what ought a good fruit taste like? some people love sweet, others sour. …

the tree is a door to agartha once it has matured fully, but if it doesn’t resonate with you it may not change the rays and you may never see the entrance beckon
if you go there bring a smooth flat cornerstone and leave it for the doorman sometime inside the gate
he may take it or pass on by, but don’t pay attention
either way it will be gone the next time you check

somewhere at the centre of agartha it is said a roundtable exists
where one day we may meet and confer amongst ourselves without fear of reprisal
but who knows what tortuous roads lead there…or if they are safe for travelers

IF there is such a roundtable somewhere, in its center is a crown…I don’t know how glorious that crown is, but it is the circle in the sphere we and we ought to leave it be
if any member of the table takes the crown, inevitability will necessitate all members are eventually beheaded
it sounds unfair but magick items don’t succumb to reason
if you are scared don’t sit down
I probably won’t for awhile

the water bearer will appear when you are ready to see subtle layers of reality from the tone of the pyramid’s apex
the water bearer brings the trickle of a stream that breaks through the solid concrete dam just a tiny bit but from there the rest is inevitable

that includes everyone here, activation has already happened for people that post regularly on this thread – it may take creative or destructive channels depending on the architecture and acoustics of our interactions with ourselves and each other
we are doing the stages of revelation as the dam breaks more and more

and the current of water that flows through us is the language of birds, the silver tongue of the poet , the bard within the dark emerald thicket of a shrouded grove which hides a quiet spring from which the water of life waits for the spirit to come and rouse it like wind, so long as we know how to ask that bard of ours in a way he will know what to say to direct us there and so long as we can properly orient ourselves by way of his direction

in essence what we are doing here is seeking to speak to ourselves that know ourselves better then we know who our self is…we are seeking the messenger of the spirit body, the mer-ka[spirit]-ba[body] – if we can seat this aetheric chariot we become ourselves as the water bearer was

The image in the Grail legends of the “the Stone that was struck from the crown of Lucifer” that became the Holy Grail, symbolizes that which out of the past “Cosmos of Wisdom” was worthy to become a bearer of the Christ within the future “Cosmos of Love”.

Those that “serve the Grail” are chosen to be the participants in the creation of a new “cosmos of Love”, but that requires the crossing of the “Wasteland” which leads to the Grail castle. In order to overcome this “dark night of the soul”, the chakras need be harmonized with the activities of angelic hierarchies that are in service to the Trinity of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Through our striving … we regain the spiritual world in a new way with the clarity of wakefulness that was not possible in the past evolution of the human soul, we become, in the worlds of the alchemystical tradition, “Noble Travelers”

The path of Initiation whereby we accomplish “the work of the Chariot” (Vehicle = chariot = Merkabah, the kabbalistic Hebrew term for the supersendible development of a “vehicle with radiant wheels” with the equivalent term in Sanskrit being, vahan = vehicle) and develop suitable supersensible vehicles to recieve the influx of the worlds of spiritual light within the grail of our souls and thereby become “a lamp unto ourselves”

The Arcana of the Grail Angel, John Barnwell

 Quoting: Caylus Ark


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